Tuesday, June 24, 2014

gibor hayil, redux

I started this blog over five years ago now. My desire at the time was to post different things relating to manliness. Manliness from a biblical perspective. But as you can tell, not much happened in the way of blogging. Life got in the way.

You see, five years ago I was in the middle of seminary. We had just had our first child (of three) and I was working at Mercury Insurance as a claims adjuster. Life was busy to say the least. I discovered that writing a blog wasn't the biggest priority in my life at that time. The duties of manhood required other things take priority.

But seminary is done now. My family gets more and better attention now and I'm finally beginning to live my dream of being a pastor. God has blessed me richly. So now, I'm ready to return to blogging. A lot has happened over the last five years. God has done a lot of work in this sinners heart. Jesus has become more dear to me and I hope I can say I've become more like Him.

So that is why I want to write about being gibor hayil. If you've wondered what those different looking letters are at the top of my screen, that's Hebrew. Transliterated, it says gibor hayil; a man of valor (more on that to come). My desire five years ago holds true today. I want to be a man of valor, a man of God who has the courage and fortitude to live a life honoring to God before my family, my church, and the world.

In light of this desire, most of my posts will be slanted toward men. But I hope that what I write will be so rooted in God's word that anyone can draw encouragement and edification from it. To God be the glory!