Monday, June 30, 2014

Manly Monday

If you pay attention at all to the fitness industry or are just a general strength enthusiast, then last week was a big week. Am I talking about the World Cup? Wait, what is that picture below mean any ways? 

No, soccer is not really my thing. Are there strong soccer athletes? I guess so. The guys with beards have some redeeming qualities. But I am talking about strength. Like powerlifting, powerbuilding, or strongman strength. 

Photo courtesy of Kareemadel

Now we are talking. So back to last week in the strength world. Well, last week two great resources became availabe, one free and one not so free, but well worth the price. Last week, Dave Tate released his deadlift manual, over 80 pages of phenomenal content, for free. This is the kind of experienced, master level instruction, guaranteed to raise your Testosterone level (if you deadlift-yeah it's science) kind of content that most fitness experts charge lots of money for. And Dave Tate over at is giving it away for free. Take advantage of it. Your hamstrings will thank you (and your back, traps, core, yoke, etc.). 

In the not so free instance, but equally, if not more valuable (sorry Dave); Josh Bryant released what some would say is his magnum opus, Built to the Hilt. While Josh has released other great manuals, this is probably one of the most complete and currernt books dealing with all tthings strength. 

If you want to get bigger and stronger (and why wouldn't you), then I say go with the experts. Go big or go home. Check out these great resources and go get after it.

Disclaimer: I definitely don't get anything from referencing these people or products. I just get excited about strength stuff and want you to know about the best stuff out there. Enjoy!

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Peter Goeman said...

Ah! A true manly post!