Friday, June 27, 2014

Week in Review

Tweet of the week: Russell Moore takes this week's tweet of the week. A funny reminder that kids soak up more than we realize.

1. N.D. Wilson makes a compelling call for modern day prophets. I would add my voice to his call. We need Christians who stand on the bedrock of biblical authority and not the sinking sands of cultural relativity.

2. Thanks to my seminary friend Steven Lee for the link on this one. Sound words of wisdom on how to have a blessed marriage. Yep, still working on these. 

3. Continue to pray for Meriam Ibrahim. She and her family continue to be persecuted in Sudan. In the course of a little over a month, she was arrested, freed, and then re-arrested again. Christian Post provides a helpful timeline with updates.

4. In related news, the New York Times surprised this week by highlighting the ongoing story of Josef, an Afghani believer on the run from his Muslim family. This is a compelling piece and is another good reminder to pray for persecuted Christians around the world.

5. This wasn't really from the past week, but it's close enough and too much convicting goodness to pass up. Check out Clint Archer's prognosis for a healthy church.

6. Finally, this week I saw the link to this interview with Kevin DeYoung. Prophetic words for our time, "We don’t have to make the Bible come alive. We need living ears to hear." In a time when people clamor to hear the latest expert or tune in to their own subjective/experiential impressions, DeYoung's newest book is a vital read. Read his interview. Then go buy and read his book. 

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