Saturday, November 29, 2014

Beauty Unobserved

Sometimes we trample around on real beauty completely unawares. We cry out for something to entertain us, something to salve our scorched hearts. Beauty lies before us, a field of wild flowers under fragrant golden light, and we trample it down, braying a cacophony of discontentment. 

At times, we come to the Bible with this darkened heart. We pick it up to read and are bored. The pages are tasteless. The narrative is bland. We trudge through, the pasty taste of stale, unsalted crackers in our soul. We look around and blame other things. I'm tired. I'm busy. I have that project to finish. 

Meanwhile, we miss the sumptuous scents rising from the feast-table of God's Word. The bread of life is before us, fresh and warm. The deep and satisfying living water stands ready to be consumed in draughts, beads of delight dotting the cups cold surface. 

Where are we in this soul picture? We have missed the beauty. Instead of feasting, we crawl around under the table, picking at crumbs. We lick our dry lips and strain to swallow against parched throats. 

The problem lies in us. We have settled for lesser things.

Taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8)! Open your eyes to the beauty that lies before you and let your soul be satisfied in Him. Recognize the paucity of your soul, and then stand and drink deeply of the One who is true beauty. Grasp the bread of life, already torn, and feast. 

Beauty is missed by many today. Beauty is unobserved. 

Taste and see.

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