Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How to Be Spiritually Miserable

For the last several months I have limited my reading to the printed page, and that further limited to the wisdom of more seasoned writers. Puritans and older current pastors who write in the same vein of reformed soul care have been my focus. Frankly, so much of what is published today feels vacuous and leaves a dry taste in my mouth.  Previously, I found myself wanting the skilled soul care that comes from deep theological and pastoral reflection; and there's just not alot of that out there on the interwebs.

So this post by Eric Davis was a real blessing to my soul today. I'm not saying it felt good reading it. There was some serious conviction going on in my heart. But after dealing with my own soul before the Lord, I was happy. It is encouraging that there are guys like Eric and the other fellows at The Cripplegate who are concerned with genuine biblical heart change.

The question I'm wondering is what puritan divine has Mr. Davis been reading recently?

Check out Eric's post here:

How to Be Spiritually Miserable: You have to do one thing to ensure a run-in with misery: exist. In a fallen world, it’s inevitable. And, for many, it’s unbearable. Misery: a state of dissatisfaction, unfulfillment, an…

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Elisabeth Lee said...

Thanks for sharing this Michael. Love you.